Waiting for Baby Kindred

I’m not one for over-sharing on social media. In general, I tweet maybe once every couple of weeks, and I’ll go for a pretty long stretch of time without posting a status update on Facebook or an image on Instagram.

With that being said, I am aware that there are friends and family that will want updates on Baby Kindred as often as I can supply them! So, I’ll post them here, as to not clutter anyone’s feeds with information that isn’t relevant to them, but keep my family and close friends in the loop.

Here we go!

4 weeks…
8 weeks…
12 weeks…
12 weeks…
15 weeks here – this was taken after a stranger asked if I was “20? 22 weeks?” and then asked, “Maybe it’s twins?”
Watching my toes slowly disappear…
16 weeks… I may have been a little “puffy” after lunch. 😉
How stinking cute is this little hand??? The hand of a 16-week old!
Aaaaaand we’ve reached 20 weeks! Excuse the Sunday sloppy attire… 😉
Not long after we heard Baby Kindred’s first heartbeat, Brice mentioned that it sounded like a jackhammer. And behold, the #JackHammer family t-shirts, including a Baby K romper!
Honestly, I’ve never been much for the bathroom mirror selfie, but I really felt like my belly had grown so much here! I took these to cheer up my family after the recent passing of my Grandpa Hill, and as I was taking the second one, I got a hard kick to the belly! I’d never felt one while standing, so this was quite a shock — can you tell?


Starting to really stick out these days…


Getting so big!



So, this was take the day after we got back from London. Hot mess… don’t care…




Baby Kindred’s coming home outfit, courtesy of Auntie Mollie!


Auntie Erin is also getting pretty excited!



Today, I’m 36 weeks along — 4 weeks to go! I’m starting to get really excited, but I feel like I’ve got to get through the end of the school year first! Here’s some of the latest pictures…

And Miss Bagheera makes a cameo…
Most comfortable shirt EVER.


Not a fan of the looser clothing these days — although, I’m starting to feel big in just about everything that I own… Also, what is a durian???
The toes are officially gone.
4 weeks…
This dress is the best. I felt pretty good in this!
Baby-Man’s nursery…
One week to go!!!
I never took the 39 week picture — instead, Baby-Man decided to show up on the Wednesday after I was supposed to take the picture! Big thanks to my mom for taking this one for me — my last pregnant picture before we met Baby-Man. 

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One thought on “Waiting for Baby Kindred

    deniaray said:
    April 17, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    Cuuuute! Thanks for sharing Caitlin!

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