Telling Family and Friends 

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Brice and I made our big (tiny right now?) announcement to all of our family and friends over the Christmas holiday. We started with my family on Christmas Eve. At Grandma & Grandpa Moran’s house, we traditionally have our dinner and then open gifts and our Big Box. (The Big Box hold lots of little gifts for everyone and we like to have a different “Kris Kringle” every year to pass out the items in the box.) Brice and I put together a little gift for our G&G that they would open after the Big Box. We gave them a pair of yellow, crocheted baby booties and G&G ended up telling the family for us when they held the booties up for all to see. Of course, a few family members sensed that I am pregnant because I wasn’t enjoying my usual glass glasses of wine, but for the most part, everyone was surprised and happy! 

After Christmas, Brice and I traveled to his hometown of Austin, Texas to spend time with our Lone Star family and friends. We told Brice’s grandparents, Ben & Wanda, about our news in the same way: with a pair of baby booties that I gave to Wanda as part of her Secret Santa gift. Again, she and Ben were both so surprised and happy! 

Once everyone in the family knew, we felt comfortable sharing our news with friends online. I used my brother and sisters to help us make the announcement…


So, Brice and I will have to wait until June to open this last gift…
We are so happy that we can reveal our little secret! 

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